This site is maintained by Paul & Stacy Richards. We have 10 kids, and have completed 9 adoptions. We understand the need to fundraise to help pay for your adoption, and we want to help you!

Total amount raised to date: $137,613!

Coming Soon...

The following events are waiting to be launched. They cannot launch until there is a prize for every square. If you would like to help them with their adoption fundraiser, click the donate link and you can sign up to be a prize donor.

Event NameTarget Start DateGoalPrizes / SquaresPrize Donations
Introducing our newest additionDecember 31, 2032$15,6000 / 240Donate Prizes Here!
Leia's Puzzle!December 31, 2032$15,6000 / 240Donate Prizes Here!

Completed adoption fundraising events.

Event NameAmount RaisedGoal
Hunt for Treasure$13,920$15,600
Rubenstein's Adoption Extravaganza$18,350$19,500
Mighty Ben Kessler$1,651$3,000
Batteries for the Rigelsky family$5,150$5,050
Homestretch for Rosie$4,144$6,912
Change for Hope$680$6,300
Wilkie's Wild New Year Firecracker Fundraiser$2,210$6,750
Bringing Mateo home... One prize at a time!!$7,156$5,236
Rushing to Madison$680$2,730
Owens Warriors$7,311$5,985
Richards' Baby Girl Name Reveal$13,836$9,240
The Littlest Sheffield NAME REVEAL!$1,030$2,400
Hall party of 8$10,916$24,960
Our Missing Piece$2,440$2,420
Harmony's Picture Reveal$6,648$5,390
Daniel's Photo Reveal Fundraiser$5,640$11,000
Final Fundraiser for Baby Girl Beaton$6,346$6,105
Yates' Adoption Fundraiser$2,160$15,600
Rig Fam to Haiti Summer 2018$1,020$7,700
Bring Liam Home$9,487$40,755
Tarter family Photo reveal$9,920$9,900
Crawford County High School$190$1,050
Marshall's Make Room for One More$4,238$4,200
Bringing Molly Home$2,490$15,600